Noodle salad with chicken, kale, crunchy veggies and sesame vinaigrette



What do I do with leftover boiled chicken from a chicken noodle soup I made the previous day? I either stuff it in a panini or sandwich or in this case, add it to a fresh and zingy salad.

A mix of carbs, greens and proteins, this refreshing noodle salad is quite like a meal by itself. It can be eaten chilled or as a warm salad, as you like it. Fresh crisp salad leaves, a combination of any fresh salad greens, one can lay a hand on. A tangy and flavourful vinaigrette. And the protein, good ol shredded chicken, all married together in this palate pleasing recipe. Just wash, dice, stir-fry and toss, 4 steps in all. Well, nowadays, if you are lucky enough, fresh salad can be found prewashed and all ready to eat, straight from a bag. Be creative, be versatile, play around with what you got in the pantry and fridge.

Servings 4-6

Ingredients :

Pasta, like angel hair or spaghetti, or egg noodles – 1/2 lb

Boiled chicken, diced or shredded – 2 cups

2 garlic cloves, finely minced

Carrots, thinly sliced – 1 cup

Fresh crunchy veggies, like butter lettuce, red cabbage, radicchio – a couple of handfuls


Fresh kale, roughly chopped – 2 cups

Fresh herbs like parsley and chives, finely chopped – 1/2 cup


Toasted white sesame seeds – 1 tsp.

For the vinaigrette :

Tahini or sesame seed paste – 2 tbsp.

Mayonnaise – 1 tbsp.

Extra virgin olive oil – 2 tbsp.

Soy sauce – 1 tbsp.

Lemon juice – 2 tbsp.

Honey – 1 tsp.

Sriracha sauce – 1 tsp.

Salt and fresh black pepper, to taste

olive oil

In a sauté pan, heat a little olive oil on medium high heat. Add minced garlic. Add the fresh kale. Sauté for a couple of minutes. Add the chicken.


Season with salt and pepper. Sauté for a minute. Set aside.


In a big salad bowl, toss together all the crisp, fresh veggies and lettuce. Add the sautéed kale and chicken.


Boil the noodles till al dente. Add the noodles to the salad and toss.


Whisk together all the ingredients for the vinaigrette.


This salad can be served warm or at room temperature, as one desires.

Just before serving the salad, add the vinaigrette and toss well.

Garnish with the chopped fresh herbs and toasted white sesame seeds.





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